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During a School Council meeting in June 2015, the School Council requested that Year 6 pupils should wear ties, to show that they are the oldest and most mature children in the school and to help them prepare for wearing a tie at secondary school. We loved this idea and we have been trialling the use of elastic ties for the last two years. These ties proved however not to be very durable.

From September 2018 - Our pupils in Years 5 and 6 started wearing proper non-elastic school ties. In September, all Year 5 and 6 pupils will be given a tie (free of charge) to wear as part of their school uniform. We do advise that ties (like jumpers and shirts) have your child's name on them. If ties are lost/damaged - new ties will need to be purchased from the school office.  With the ties, it is now compulsory for Year 5 and 6 pupils to wear a white short or blouse (not a polo shirt).  

Parkfield Uniform
  • White polo shirt (EYFS to Year 4 only)
  • White shirt/blouse (this is compulsory for all Year 5 and 6 pupils, but can also be worn in all other year groups) 
  • Parkfield tie (this is compulsory for Year 5 and 6 pupils only)
  • Red jumper (available for purchase from the school office)
  • Grey trousers, grey skirt or red and white check dress (in Summer Term)
  • Headscarves must be plain red, black or white (and should have no decorative features)
  • Plain black shoes (no trainers - pupils may however change into these at break and lunch times)
For PE:
  • Plain, white T-Shirt/polo shirt
  • Red, white or black jumper/fleece (for colder months)
  • Black shorts, plain black tracksuit bottoms or black leggings
  • Black pumps (for indoors) or trainers (for outdoors)

Children should wear sensible shoes to school.

We would prefer if children did not wear jewellery to school. For their own safety, they should not wear earrings that dangle or bangles. The school will not be held responsible for jewellery that is lost or stolen at school.

It is important that children come to school wearing the correct uniform and that they bring their book bag everyday.

Please label items of school uniform with your child's full name.

Please click here to view our uniform policy