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Sports Premium

Sports Premium Grant
What is the Sports Premium?

The Government is continuing to provide funding for 2017/18 to provide quality PE and school sport within primary schools. This is the third year that this funding has been provided. Each school will receive £16,000 plus an additional £10 per pupil for the next two years – for Parkfield Community School this will equate to £21,690 for the current academic year.

The purpose of this funding is to ensure improvement in the quality of sport and PE provision for all children. (Department for Education, March 2013)

Parkfield is committed to ensuring that sport and PE provision addresses the needs of all of pupils, including those who belong to disadvantaged, vulnerable and gifted groups.

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Updates relating to Parkfield’s provision for P.E. and Sport will be provided throughout the school year through the school newsletters and this page of our website.

The impact of the funding will also be reported annually to parents and governors. This will focus on:

* Progress made towards improvements across the school in P.E.;
* An evaluation of the cost effectiveness, in terms of the progress made by the pupils receiving a particular provision, when compared with other forms of support;
* How the Primary Sport Premium Funding has been used to improve the uptake and outcomes for PE/sports both within and beyond the school day;

This task will be carried out within the requirements published by the Department for Education.