Mathematics at Parkfield

Our vision:

Every child believes they are a mathematician and can mathematise their world.


Our aim is to equip all pupils with the skills and confidence to solve a range of problems through fluency with numbers and mathematical reasoning. Children are encouraged to see the mathematics that surrounds them every day and enjoy developing vital life skills in this subject.

By following our own curriculum (linked to the 2014 National Curriculum) children expand their understanding through exploration, problem solving, discussion and practical experience.

A key aspect of teaching throughout the school involves the use of practical apparatus to promote understanding of mathematical processes and ideas. Carefully planned activities encourage children to work mentally, observe patterns, make predictions and discuss relationships. Mathematics skills are also used in other subjects such as science, ICT and art.


Recognising the valuable contribution parents make to children’s success in mathematics, we offer a range of support to enable them to enjoy the subject and have the confidence to help their children.


Looking for suitable apps for the iPads can be confusing.

These have been chosen because:

  • They are valid learning apps (they support good maths learning)
  • They are fun and appeal to children
  • They are low cost

Mathletics for iPads

Mathletics dictionary for iPads

Operation Math (£2.99)

Secret agent themed maths game - good range of difficulty

Eggs on Legs(99p)

Times tables Ghost Blasters and Multiple Wipeout - the same games that are available via website for a pc.

Number Run (£1.49)

A temple run style game with maths questions - children seem to love it, especially in KS1.

Motion Math (£2.99)

Good range of fun activities set under the sea – super range of abilities and include fractions, decimals and percentages.

Glow Burst-(99p)

This was voted the best children's maths app. It is number ordering (but including negative numbers and fractions/decimals) and is challenging enough and addictive that you may have to stop your parents/teachers playing it and reaching the top of the leader board :-)

Number Board (free)

A good variety of difficulty and requires a decent amount of reasoning and thinking ahead in the higher levels.

Kids Academy 123 Tracing Numbers(free) 

For young children learning to write numbers.

What Time is it Mr Wolf?(£1.99)

Great for learning to tell the time.

Bee Bot (free)

Voted one of the top apps for children by children. Bee Bots but in an app with different challenges.

Number Lines (Free)

Learning how to jump along the number line for addition and subtraction.

Hands On Math (£2.29)

Base Ten on the iPad. Great for any calculation – practise methods used in school and secure place value.

You may find the links below useful for helping your child with their maths learning. Although we have checked all of these links, please be aware that the internet is constantly changing and as such we accept no responsibility for these links. If you find any problems with them then please let the school know.


Maths No Problem Parent Videos


White Rose Maths


Times Tables

Roman Numerals

KS2 BBC Bitesize

KS1 BBC Bitesize

Times tables games

Times tables grid

Math playground

Arcademics skill builders

Tables challenge

Times table trees

Soccer subtraction

Number blocks

Ken kens